Wild Concrete

 Hi, I'm Bruna.
As a child, I remember sitting on the floor, making pictures by tracing my finger through cement construction powder. My parents had a busy work life, and this meant play time for me looked like moulding animals with plaster or painting with industrial paint. I always loved creating, transforming and making something beautiful out of what I had in front of me.

At university in Brazil, I studied Industrial Design, which opened my eyes to new possibilities. I realized that I could create anything, and have continued discovering as I've established life in Canada.

In 2016, I began exploring the uses of concrete in household design. After experimenting with plates, trays and plant holders for my home, I began to share these designs with friends, eventually leading me to start my business.
Wild Concrete is also a reflection of my faith. I have experienced God pulling the roughness out of my heart and turning it into something beautiful; making fine household items out of industrial concrete is my way of expressing His process.