Emma Gerard

Emma studied in the glass studio at Sheridan College in the Crafts & Design program where she graduated in 2008 with high honours.  During her first year out of school, while she was a teaching assistant in the glass program, Emma was accepted into the prestigious exhibition Unity and Diversity held at the Cheongju International Craft Biennale. She continued to exhibit and refined her craft skills while developing a body of production jewellery and mixed media sculpture.

She soon became a resident artist and instructor in the flameworking studio at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga where she made her work and taught bead making classes.  While in residency she was also awarded an individual craft project grant from the Ontario Arts Council. 

Emma decided to further her education and attended NSCAD University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree studying in the jewellery department.

Since returning to Ontario, Emma has continued to create jewellery and build her practice.  She has exhibited her work both locally and internationally and can be found at many local craft shows.